Posted on April 11, 2014

Home Office - Coveting a corner

A functional home office has become essential in every home. With increasing number of people turning to work from home jobs, cutting a corner at home is a necessity. As working styles differ, everybody requires a customised working space. One of the best benefits to having a home office is the freedom you have in creating a space that is just meant for you. You can stick to a budget and still develop an office space that offers creativity, storage, and organization. Capitalize on using natural light and unique storage system ideas and keep most of your money in that bottom line that you work so hard for. Below are a few tips that would help you set up a home office.

See the Sun - Take advantage of the natural light by choosing a space by the window. Although a sun-drenched space can be beautiful, it can cause glare on computer screens. Adding drapes to your windows will help filter light as desired.

Refresh your space – Decorating with fewer and better things will help de clutter the items you don’t need. As you decide what items to retain and what you would pass along to someone else, ask yourself whether you would rather have the item or the space it would free up. Be on the lookout for underappreciated treasures and bring a fresh crop of collectibles and keepsakes.

Fast Fix - Group the various items into categories such that you can comprehend. Organise tax records by year, files by project and family photos by event. This will bring in a sense of order while also creating an easy, office friendly display.

Lights - Specifically illuminate your work area with task or a table lamp. Lamps with adjustable arms allow you to direct light where it’s required the most.

Reach Out - Storing vertically is a space saving option and a chic way to compose an artful arrangement of things you want nearby, but not on desk. Store your most frequently used items at waist level, less frequently used items on higher up shelves and heavier items on the bottom shelves.

Save Energy - Consider comfort and eco-friendliness when choosing a good task chair that’s built to last from sustainable materials. Laptops are outstanding for small homes. Sleek and portable, they consume a fraction of the energy used by desktop computers. Recycling laptops ensures that any hazardous materials are removed safely and won’t find their way into the environment.

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