Posted on April 30th, 2015

Opposites Attract - Combining contrarian tastes into unison

The view of tall grasses dancing along the breeze against a backdrop of classic Indian sunshine through a window creates a striking memory that everybody wishes to endure at their own homes. But, not everyone. More often than not, we all have a sketch of our dream homes in our minds. What happens when your family has a completely opposite one?

Home decoration can be a team work. It is important to maintain peace and work with everyone’s choices for a home that feels right to all. Everyone wishes to do up their home according to one’s own choices.

Eclectic Embrace – Put simply, an eclectic style blends different types of interior design. But though it draws on different looks, an eclectic scheme doesn’t have to appear disjointed. Think of it as getting the best of both worlds!

Florals and Geometrics –Florals and geometrics might not seem like the match made in heaven, but clashing prints are in! So if you’re struggling between more masculine and feminine styles, bring them both in. Try teaming geometric cushions with a floral blind to really make your interior sing.

Mix your styles –Of course, you don’t have to go for clashing prints – why not try bringing together two styles in a single pattern. Blending isn’t always so simple though, so why not opt for a fairly neutral scheme, topped off with trinkets and touches that reflect each of you? Lights could add hints of an industrial style, or bring in candles for a more feminine look.

Antique with modern – Leave the walls modern and monochromatic with least characters to incorporate traditional patterned floral fabrics, pillows or carpets. This unique mix incorporates antique with contemporary resulting in a novel style.

Revitalise colours – If you both end up with contrasting colour choices, think of merging them in wallpaper that can transform the mood of the room or enhance the personality of the room. A small addition of striking colour, say, a series of vases in chartreuse or a pair of pillows in cobalt can be used to match the chosen colour.

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