Posted on August 9, 2013

Secret Scented Garden

Not many have the luxury to have a beautiful view out of the window, or a sea facing balcony or even fresh air in the room! However, that should not stop anybody from growing some greens in your humble abode. Have a look around your home, the window in your room, kitchen sill, the corner in the dining room or even the balcony, all of these could serve an ideal place for growing your own garden.

Greens can be a rather special retreat, dividing a series of rooms, each beautifully planted to flow easily from the sunny, decked patio at the front through to the shady seating area right at the back.

Every garden should have a retreat: an enclosed, intimate space where you can sit down and admire the view. It might be as simple as the classic perfumed bower, which is easy to create with an inexpensive metal or wooden arbour.

Many apartments carry container plants in which are grown succulents and cacti. They do not need to be watered that often as their natural tendency is to survive in harsh conditions. You can leave them out on your balcony or a window sill and pretty much forget about them until you remember you were trying to cultivate a green thumb. Create container gardens that are readymade with one style, such as contemporary urban or English cottage.

Decorative panels clad with climbers are used for striking effect to frame and partly screen a summer house. Planting perfumed plants on your garden will give your home a scent that lingers throughout. Transport your nose to a secret scented garden every time you step in to your house. Some plants that are ideal for a scented garden are:

Rose – The rose has earned its place as favourite flower. It’s no wonder why! The blooms are beautiful, perfect for cutting, and many are wonderfully fragrant. The flowers come in a wide range of colours, from dark red to pure white.

Oriental Lily – Powerfully fragrant and stunningly gorgeous, Oriental lilies such as the famous ‘Star Gazer’ can perfume an entire garden. Oriental lilies bloom in mid-to late summer in shades of white, pink, and yellow. They’re wonderful cut flowers, too.

Hyacinth – For early spring perfume in the garden, nothing beats hyacinths. Plant them in fall in well-drained soil to enjoy their powerful scent, the following spring. Flower colours range from purple to pink to red, white, and yellow.

Lavender – Transport your nose to Provence by growing lavender in your garden. The flowers and foliage of this herb produce aromatic perfumes that permeate in mid-summer. In your own garden, grow it in well-drained soil in full sun. If you plant it next to a walkway, you’ll catch a whiff every time you pass by.

Jasmine - Consider the evergreen jasmine, sweetly scented and flowering for weeks. They are used in religious offering in various parts of India. On a warm humid night, the scents can easily be enjoyed several hundred feet away.

Champa – is native to India and other neighbouring areas. It occurs naturally in the eastern Himalayan region. The most interesting part of the tree are its flowers which are not very showy with few narrow yellowish white petals, but have an extremely heady fragrance. This fragrance has made Champa flowers very popular and they have been part of the culture in India from time immemorial.

Nargis – These are daffodils like perennials. Flower colours are mostly white and yellow, but some kinds have orange, pink or red coronas. Daffodils originated in Portugal, Spain, the southern coast of France and the northern coast of Morocco. Medieval Arabs used juice of the wild daffodil as a cure for baldness.

Rajanigandha – It means "The Fragrance of the Night". It is a flower that is both mythical and magical, its nectar is said by some to have special powers and its scent magical to all who experience it. They are excellent in the garden or in pots. Their tall stems make them ideal for interplanting.

Nag Kesar – A handsome Indian evergreen tree often planted as an ornamental for its fragrant white flowers that yield a perfume; source of very heavy hardwood used for railroad ties. The flowers have many uses – they are used to make incense and also used to stuff pillows in some countries. It is the National tree of Sri Lanka.

Every garden should have a magical secluded corner where you can relax and unwind. The balcony garden in Mulberry Woods by Saran Developers poses as a perfect space for creating your own secret garden. The terrace at Mulberry Woods provides ample space to nurture your hobbies. Gardening could be taken to another level with the constant access to wind and space at any apartment in Mulberry Woods.