Posted on July 5, 2014

Bring ‘Good Luck’ to your home – Part I

Houses have a life, charisma and a personality of their own, which is partly down to the people living there and partly due to their location and environmental aura. Luck is certainly evanescent. Some people tend to have more luck than others, and sometimes it seems luck is absolutely unattainable by certain people. The good news is we can all be lucky in life. Because even though luck would have us believe it is a mystical, mysterious thing, it is actually something that has the potential to come into fruition if we choose to live our lives in a particular way. Here are few ideas on how to welcome more luck into your Life.

1.Entrance –

A home’s entrance determines the flow of positive energy. Clear your entry of any obstructions and keep the space well lit. Vastu Shastra experts believe that an entry facing the ‘Eshan’ direction, which forms the ‘North-East’ direction, brings in high amounts of positivity into the home.

• Horseshoe – A horseshoe is one of the most common decorations for drawing good luck to your home. Traditionally, the horseshoe should be hung above the outside of your front door, but you can opt to place it above the inside of your door if you want to create a conversation piece for your foyer. If you hang the horseshoe so the open end faces upward, it is supposed to bring good fortune to everyone inside your home. If you hang it so the open end faces downward, however, the horseshoe is meant to bestow good luck upon anyone who passes under it

• dols – Displaying a ‘Swastik’ outside the main door is considered very powerful. It is a symbol representing peace, prosperity and harmony. Placing an idol of ‘Lord Ganesha’ above the main door, brings in prosperity and progress as Lord Ganesha represents the merging of microcosm with the macrocosm

2.Furnishings –

Arranging the furniture in a circular manner in the living room will help the flow of energy. Avoid L shaped or disjointed arrangement as it does not conduct the flow of energy. Too many things kept disorderly can be distractive. Hence avoid clutter. The establishment of the most pleasant relationship with your partner can be achieved with the proper placement of your bed. There's also the belief that good energy will come if you place your bed diagonally from the bedroom door. Ensure that the head side of the bed is not shared with the toilet wall.

3.Butterflies –

Known to usher in health, wealth, harmony and joy, Butterflies are a great symbol of merging with nature. Incorporate them into your décor by including butterfly designs in your cushions, wall paper etc. Remember, only embroidered, painted or printed butterflies decorations can be used to romanticize homes.

When all these components come together, they build vital harmonious energy. It then imbibes you with this beneficial energy. When you are more thoughtful and intentional about your habits, your décor and your personality, you begin to attract and compound energy – which builds just like money – and it attracts good fortune too. Bringing in the essence of the vastu elements into each residence is a project developed by Saran Developers called the ‘Mulberry Woods’. The 4 BHK homes are completely vastu compliant and built in a way to attract the most energy. Saran Developers believe in making homes that help the home buyers flourish. Because, when home buyers have great luck, it would eventually bring in good luck to Saran Developers.