Posted on December 5th, 2014

Housing for Retirement– Part I

Consider this. You are a retired senior. Your kids are grown and are on their own. You are ready to give up climbing stairs, mowing lawns, fixing roofs and gutters, and worrying about the never-completed list of home maintenance chores. It’s time to sell your suburban house, with more rooms to clean — than you need at this stage of life. But where will you live?

Today’s seniors have a definite mind-set about what they want in retirement communities. The project has to be well conceived, well located, and well operated. Following are few critical points to address when programming and designing a senior housing project:

Provision of unique or distinctive amenities –

Sometimes a site comes with its own marketing edge—location near a vibrant urban core or up-to-date suburban shopping mall. In such a case, adding a walking trail or sidewalk with a short walking distance to connect to such an amenity may be all that’s needed.

Inclusion of Natural features –

Natural features are quite desirable. If the location has a river passing by, it would be a great asset to develop it further. Well preserved acres of woodlands and fields in the surrounding areas would captivate senior citizens minds easily. It would also offer them with an opportunity to uptake gardening to keep them occupied. Senior citizens love outdoors. Although their movements might be restricted due to various health ailments, a walk around a lake would be an everyday routine they would look forward to.

Community Corners -

As we grow, we go closer to religion and spirituality. Older adults love celebrating religious traditions. To them, bhajans, satsangs, poojas and rituals form a greater part of their lives. The elderly are mostly found devoting their time into spirituality. Incorporating a place of worship or a community room in the premises would be an ideal feature helping them to bond with the fellow neighbours and society. Yoga and meditation play an essential role in their lives. Inclusion of park/centres where they could practice yoga and meditation would appeal to the elderly.

Services -

Many seniors face physical challenges impairing them from conducting the daily chores. Keeping this in mind, if services like providing meals, doctor on call, housekeeping etc could be arranged, it would work out a great deal for them, making their life easier. A central dining facility offering at least one meal a day could be incorporated.

The final word-

Finding the right place to live can be puzzling and stressful for both you and your family. However, the earlier you assess your current needs and how those needs may evolve over time, the more choices and control you’ll have. Make a choice that’s right for you and ensure you enjoy a happy, healthy, and fulfilling home environment as you age. At the moment, there is a yawning gap between the ordinary family homes and the senior citizen housing. Saran Developers’ Mulberry Woods are nature friendly 4BHK apartments consisting of all the amenities and services available at ease for the residences. The realtor’s ideas offer a promising, hopeful residences even for the elderly. The architectural and design team at Saran Developers is dedicated in making every life journey beautiful.