Posted on December 12, 2014

Housing for Retirement– Part II

Every morning, 68-yr-old Kanak Nayak likes to go for a walk with her friends. As a retired person, she has chosen to live 40 kms away from the hustle and bustle of the city. After the walk, she trims the plants and waters them in the small garden. She specifically loves the monsoons in the hilly Bangalore as they spur an atmosphere of freshness. “The quality of life is much simple and better and there are absolutely no restrictions in our lifestyle” she utters. Mrs. Nayak is among the growing number of senior citizens who are opting to stay in senior-citizen townships coming up in different corners of the country. And no, these are not old age homes but integrated townships for people aged 55 years and above, where the key selling point is senior living. Apart from peace and tranquillity, there are few other factors to be considered when opting for senior living. Some are as below:

Transportation -

Retirement comes with a zeal to explore the world. As senior citizens, they try to keep themselves involved with activities like travelling, social clubs etc. Hence, demography plays a crucial role while selecting a location. Along with it comes connectivity. When various senior wellness issues like aches, wheel chair ridden, joint pains, inability to drive etc are considered, transportation plays a key role as it becomes challenging for seniors to cope with long distances.

User Friendly Bathrooms -

With the growing age come various health ailments. Many a times it might seem difficult for the aged to conduct even the simplest of our daily routines. In such instances, asking for their choice of washing area and bath and then incorporating user friendly bathrooms would make living easy. And hence utmost care must be taken while constructing homes for them.

Health and safety -

While building a township for the aged, it is extremely important for it to meet the prescribed health and safety standards. The biggest factor to consider is the ample safety and security measures that are provided in these retirement homes, keeping in mind the welfare of senior citizens. Constant monitoring, installation of CCTV cameras and physical security is highly necessary.

Each home should be planned in such a way that it is built with anti-skid flooring, easy transitions between rooms with limited use of thresholds, button-type emergency devices in the master bedroom and sufficient clearance between counters and appliances in the kitchen area. Apart from these, strategic areas in rooms, including the bathroom, must have steel grab bars and handrails. Let’s not forget the direction and warning strips atop each flight of stairs.

We age with every passing day. The way we live too and where we live too changes. An overall desire for a lifestyle change occurs. With increasing households, the number of very elderly people living alone is expected to rise the fastest. This erupts a new sector in the real estate industry demanding various changes from the usual townships and apartments. A quieter atmosphere and other various services like library, pools, jogger’s park etc is designed to provide a good quality of life and a higher level of professional support if and when it is needed. The elderly can also get involved in many social opportunities, enriching activities, special events, seminars, spiritual services and group outings.

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