Posted on February 11, 2014

Design your home: Define your style

The New Year spells change for many, and this applies not only to one’s habits or personal appearance but also to one’s home as well. If the thought of decorating a whole room seems overwhelming, simply look to things you love! Whether it’s a piece of artwork or your favourite collectibles, start small. Finding your decorating inspiration starts with knowing which item or items you’re drawn to. In order to design your own home, it is important to know the style you would like to build on. All the design trends and movements fall under four basic groups as below:


Traditional spaces will always be in style because they’re based on classic elements. We tend to feel good in such surroundings because of the sense of familiarity and history they provide. Traditional movements like Chippendale and Victorian continue to inspire and influence us even though they were introduced long ago. Today’s traditional designs take subtle cues from these movements. While traditional style is broad and covers a plethora of smaller sub-styles, there are similar characteristics that tie them all together. Beautiful traditional spaces tend to strike a balance between upholstery and wood or metal, patterns and solids and dark and light colours.


The best thing about contemporary design is that it’s based on new ideas. So, unlike the traditional approach, there are no rules to follow and the opportunities for ‘surprises’ are limitless. When it comes to contemporary, we have two words for you: simple and streamlined. While contemporary interiors often get a bad rap for what some describe as a ‘cold’ feel, fans of the style would argue that contemporary’s sense of order and lack of visual chaos provides restfulness. Since there are simple lines to work with, the occasional intricate piece here or there becomes amplified and can make a room-changing statement.


Do you gravitate toward new things with clean lines, but cherish the intricate family pieces that have been passed down to you? If perfection for you is a successful blending of styles, you’re on team transitional. This decorating style has no enemies and plays no favourites; instead, it allows traditional and updated pieces to play nicely together. Proper editing is what makes these varying pieces work together in a space. Transitional focuses on taking all things classic and breathing new life into them. The recurring idea is to strip down something iconic to its purest form, or to highlight the old by juxtaposing it with something new.


This style is used so often and is so desirable because it’s completely unpretentious. It’s about warmth, hospitality and comfort. If you take elements of traditional design, simplify them, pare them down and make them more approachable, you’ve got casual style. The fundamentals of this design are based on just what one would think – a casual lifestyle, like living in the country! The Country casual style takes a rustic, sometimes even primitive approach to craftsmanship and finish because it comes from a time when resourceful furniture makers used whichever local materials and tools were available. On the contrary, French Country style is far more polished and refined, so it is perfect if formal entertaining is important to you.

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