Posted on February 5, 2014

How Cosy Is Your Sitting Room?

An impressive sitting room is one such room that defines the rest of the house to your guests. The living room would be probably one such room where you will use all your heart and soul for choosing a décor theme. A modest, archaic yet relaxed charm of the sitting room puts the guests at ease and also sets it apart. As the nights draw in, there is nowhere in the house that can bring quite as much pleasure as a cosy, comfortable sitting room. The best cosy places enjoy a happy amalgamation of comfort, informality and warmth.

Several elements are needed to create an inviting space for that perfect family time together, or just to take that sip of your coffee in a comfortable armchair. The cosiest of the sitting rooms must also have a character, much of which is derived from the objects that fill the surfaces and cover the walls.


A sitting room’s best known accessory is the flower vase. Flora plays a vital role in enlivening a room. One can use both real and artificial flowers. Blending with the colour scheme of the room, dot the single blooms around at random where needed. This is an easy-to-implement décor idea for sitting rooms.

Frames and Pictures:

A wall covered with family frames, wedding pictures, and cards from friends is a window into one’s personality. Almost anything can look good when it is framed well.

Light and Color:

The irregularly plastered walls have been in vogue and are a time remembered recipe to decorate the walls. The main light, chandelier or the hanging light should be set in a way so as to not to create any shadow. When it comes to fixed lighting, you should not exaggerate by placing it, because one day you might decide to change the arrangement of the furniture, so it will no longer be fully functional.

Creating Tableaux:

An arranged shelf tableaux can serve as the focal point of your living room décor, sparking conversations and stories. When grouping objects on surfaces, avoid having them look contrived. Rather, place them haphazard. Vary height and proportion for maximum visual impact. If you find your tastes to change, you may update your shelf décor with new art pieces or accessories.

Final Flourishes:

Cushions, tablecloths and curtains that most match the theme give a great appeal completing it with a character of its own. Few simply cut vertical or horizontal patterns and colour, leads the eye onwards, with short punctuation marks of surprise or wit.

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