Posted on January 20,, 2014

A Vibrant City Beckons

Known as a ‘green city’, Bangalore has grown to be the IT-capital of the country a few years back, and then the property upsurge got the city, recognition on a national level. By now it is a known fact that Bangalore is the fastest developing city globally. The growth of Bangalore has made it one of the most sought-after destination currently, for national as well as international citizens. Bangalore offers a superior quality of life with facilities that meet the key aspirations of home seekers across the spectrum. The city is gaining the impetus of a developed metropolis and a facelift is on the anvil in the coming year, with the launch of budget home projects in the city getting a boost.

The process of giving impetus to industrialisation, agriculture and other trades that started two decades back has now reached a phase from where an all new Bangalore is taking shape. Today, the city is getting a facelift as per the changing concepts of development. The city has grown from strength to strength to transform itself into a full-fledged industrial city.

Bangalore boasts of a climate which none of its adjoining cities offer, and has also emerged as a weekend home destination. Residents from surrounding cities and metro cities are choosing to buy their second homes in Bangalore, to have a peaceful lifestyle over the weekends or during holidays. Also a lot of consultants opine that there is a huge magnitude of construction and development activity going on in the city and the mood seem to be upbeat.

Bangalore, which has recently emerged as an intense economic destination, was already known as a city with good climate. People all over the country are finding Bangalore as the next best option to invest, be it in industries or properties. So, currently it’s growth has made it one of the most sought-after cities. Various industrial associations are taking the initiative to get the IT sector into the city, while keeping the industrial sector in mind.

Recently Bangalore is also seeing residential properties which are experimenting with various themes, such as offering an artificial beach; and also fully-furnished homes wherein a buyer can move in immediately without having to buy any home appliances or furniture.

Other plus sides include good educational and recreational facilities, which can attract people to the city and thus, in turn, benefit the real estate scenario. Connectivity with metros has been improved now with a four-lane road and one new train being introduced leading to boosting up the economy. It is soon expected that IT and ITES companies will start setting up base in the city, as the city is now becoming more conducive for them as compared to the scenario that was a couple of years back.

With all such developments underway at a rapid pace, the employment opportunities in the city by the next two years would rise up by a few thousands and the trades complementary to these employment opportunities would also start cropping up in the vicinity of Bangalore. Hence, any investment here today ensures maximum returns in a shorter period of time. A lot of large industries are definitely aspiring to come to Bangalore. To encourage them to do so, and to showcase local talent the real estate developers are leaving no stone unturned to attract buyers and present projects that are price worthy and praise worthy.

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