Posted on January 8th, 2015

Location Does Matter!

Mr. Vijay works in IT Company which is located in Electronic city, Bangalore and he lives in Peenya. Well, the above situation is self explanatory and means that he spends most of his personal time travelling to office and home. He is really upset with travelling about 60Kms in Bangalore every day. This is the reason we are talking about ‘Location does matter’.

It doesn’t make sense for you if you are buying an apartment in South and your office is located in North. Before you buy an apartment you have to be very careful and know the location. You have to ensure that your office, kids’ school, shops, malls, hospitals, multiplexes and other essential entities are all within 5-8 kms from your home. Say, if you have a home in a good location which is near to your kid school, a retail shop for your spouse to buy vegetables and a garden where your parents can walk in the evening; and above all if your office is within 8 kms distance, you can come home and spend some quality with your family which is very important in today’s lifestyle.

How to choose the perfect location?

It is very important to consider the below mentioned points before you select an apartment.

• Make sure your Office location is within 5-8kms from your home, so that you can come home any time if in case of emergency.

• If your home is located near your kids’ school, then it makes your work easy and you/spouse can pick him/her.

• Retail shops are very important for your family to buy daily stuffs like vegetables, groceries, etc.

• As we cannot predict our health, it is very important to buy a house or apartment in the vicinity of a hospital.

• Kids and family needs fun in the weekends, hence you should have a check on all multiplexes and malls you have in and around.

• Health is wealth; hence make sure you have jogging tracks, gym and yoga centres nearby your house.

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