Posted on June 28, 2013

Bring life to your terrace

Terrace gardening invites life in your home! The term “terrace garden” can refer to two different types of gardens. In one sense, a terrace garden is a garden which is established on a terrace, roof, or patio, usually in a house where there is limited gardening space. These types of terrace gardens are especially popular in urban areas, and they are sometimes used in restaurants and other residential or commercial establishments as well. A terrace garden can also be a garden which is built in a series of “terraced” beds against a hillside. Terrace agriculture is often the only way to utilize steep land and some very ancient examples of terrace gardens can be found in Asia.

Terrace gardens in the sense of patio or rooftop gardens can be ornamental or functional, and they are usually designed with plants to make the terrace easier to manage. Gardeners can also build raised beds on their terraces for gardening. Sun exposure, air and access to water are two important things to consider when establishing a terrace garden, as is the goal of the garden.

Some people like to grow fresh herbs and vegetables on their terraces, while others want to create a green retreat. Occasionally, gardeners create a mixture of the two. Plants can be trellised around a terrace for privacy or shade, or used to create a pleasant recreation area for residents and guests of the home. It pays to plan ahead when developing this type of terrace garden, because of space considerations.

Establishing a terrace garden at your own apartment is easy. Terrace gardens do not occupy much space. In most cases they are created in small open spaces, balconies and verandas of an apartment or on the terrace in the case of a villa. India has a great weather for terrace gardens so one could explore spaces in your house that can be converted into terrace gardens. It is always advisable to consult a structural engineer who will check the load bearing capacity of the roof in the building as the soil, gravel and plants in the terrace garden will increase the load on the balcony considerably and their chances of seepage.

In the last few years, we notice that home buyers are seeking green spaces in their homes and are aware of the benefits of terrace gardens. Green spaces give customers the opportunity to integrate with nature, greenery adds warmth and freshness in living areas fusing the indoors with outdoors.

Residents at Mulberry Woods enjoy the ease and convenience that high-rise apartment living provides, completely free of lawn care and maintenance. However, we have seen that our creative residents bring life and colour to their outdoor spaces in the sky with terrace gardens. All Mulberry Woods residences feature terraces that offer space for terrace gardening.

Mulberry Woods residences encompass spectacular views. Whether your condominium overlooks the club houses, skyline, midtown, downtown or beyond, you may choose to enjoy the views from the comfort of your couch, or al fresco on your terrace. Either way, the net effect is nothing less than transformative.