Posted on March 25, 2013

Pedal to anywhere!

Bicycling, along with being the most proficient mode of human travel, is also one of the best all-around activities for improving fitness. From head to toes, cycling’s health benefits are hard to beat.

6 Health benefits of cycling

  • Reduces body weight when done often. Cycling increases calorie consumption and raises the metabolic rate, which can help in shedding weight.
  • Prevents heart disease. Cycling is connected with better cardiovascular health, as well as a drop off in the risk of coronary heart disease. Regular cycling halves the chance of suffering from heart disease.
  • Improves muscle strength. Cycling is a non-weight bearing motion and regular cycling directs to improved muscle strength and enhanced mobility.
  • Reduces anxiety, depression and stress. Cycling is good for mental health.
  • Cycling is excellent for immune system. Cycling can strengthen immune system and could watch against certain types of cancer.
  • Cycling is admirable for coordination. Moving both feet around in circles while steering with both hands and body’s own weight is a good exercise for the coordination skills.

The average daily cyclist has the fitness level of someone 10 years younger! The effortlessness, cost-effectiveness and ease of use of the bicycle have put in to its global use and reputation.

Saran Developers, a leading real estate company in Bangalore has launched Mulberry Woods, 4 bedroom condos, off Sarjapur Main Road. Mulberry Woods boasts of 70% green area ensuring enhanced health and environmental conditions. Saran Developers renders the most stylish living space with excellent specifications and first-class amenities to its customers. The project is equipped with the world-class amenities like gymnasium, swimming pool, steam and sauna and children’s play area. One of the top amenities offered by Mulberry Woods is the demarcated bicycle parking area. Whether it’s to boost your fitness, health or environment concern, taking up cycling could be one of the best decisions you ever make. Mulberry Woods is in close vicinity to all the IT majors like Wipro, Cisco, Accenture, IBM to name a few and the list just continues. Mulberry Woods is en-route to a lot of best-known schools in town (Indus International, Gear International, TISB, DPS etc). So, you can pedal to anywhere! Also, India’s third-largest software exporter Wipro is building its largest campus that can house at least 30,000 employees near Sarjapur, Bangalore. Mulberry Woods is in immediacy to this new campus. Thereby, providing an excellent living solution from those rural menaces! While driving can lose its novelty when you are sitting in traffic day in and day out, bicycling continues to offer fun and freedom. Enjoy the outdoors like a kid again and hop on a bicycle.

If a good and healthy atmosphere along with luxurious living and access to facilities is your priority, you may consider looking into these airy condominiums.

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