Posted on March 14, 2014

Bangalore Real Estate by 2030

In the year 2000, real estate in Bangalore just got into the business. The land price then was unbelievably at the lowest side as the city was never expected to grow as it is today. When we look back 15 years, our elders seem to think I wish I could have bought a 40*60 site in those days and today I could have been one of those richie rich at the cost of few thousands.

Well, nobody expected Bangalore to grow out of the blue as it was called city of pensioners or place after retirement as it was rich in green and surrounded by lakes. The old people of Bangalore still cannot believe the growth of the city. It has exceeded the expectations of people and has grown like no other city. Thanks to the IT hub and the infrastructure provided by Government and private holdings.

When we talk about Bangalore real estate, the key point to remember is the cost of land and the growth rate of price. Fifteen years back, if you would have bought an acre of land (43560 square feet), it would cost you Rs. 10000 only. And, now for 2400 square feet, you have to pay a whopping Rs. 1.44 cr. Can you imagine the growth rate here? It is more than 1000 times in just a span of 15 years. That was a big blow for the locals.

Anyway, now, if you want to purchase or invest on a 2 BHK apartment outside the city, it will cost you not less than 20 to 30 lakhs. However, if you plan and do a small research on area rates, nearby facility, transit areas, you will have a fair idea about the rates ongoing in the market.

Thinking ahead, that is the next 15 years from now, how will Bangalore’s real estate be? By 2030, the face of real estate is going to change in aggressive speed. According to the experts of real estate, infrastructure of Bangalore will be one of the finest in country. According to the stats and experts, it is assumed that the rate of property is going to increase 100 times compare to last 15 years. Now, if you get the property it will cost you about 20 to 30 lakhs. But if you try to the same in 2030, it will cost you 20 crores approximately.

Hence, Saran Developers has brought a great investment plan for you where you can invest money on apartments which has few great offerings for you. Saran Developers make sure you have enormous investment in future which you are worth of. Saran developers presents Mulberry Woods project for you, which is located off Surjapur road that connects you to all the IT majors like Wipro, Cisco, Accenture, IBM to name a few and the list just continues. It is about 4 kms from the Sarjapur Outer Ring Road Junction. ‘Mulberry Woods’ is en-route to a lot of best-known schools in town Indus International, Gear International, TISB, DPS etc.

Saran Developers has created the benchmark in real estate sector which boosts your confidence to invest for the future. Let us not repeat the same mistake that our elders did. Let us also grow with the rapid speed of Bangalore’s infrastructure growth rate.