Posted on March 28, 2014

Uplift Your Summer Decor

When the weather turns warm, it is instinctive to want to transform your indoors into a summer oasis. As summer sets in, it brings along a sense of brightness. In the colder months, we indulge in deep, warm colours to create a sense of cosiness and comfort. Whilst this tertiary palette, is effective and desirable, it can also spring a dreary edge to your décor for the brighter days to come. Also limiting the amount of natural light available and making it gloomy.

Elevating the look of your home does not necessarily have to be as daunting, extensive and expensive as completely re-decorating. Just a few thoughtful and creative alterations can have tangible results than a complete overhaul and simultaneously would also cost less. It is best to begin with de cluttering the house. To open up a room to a surprising degree, store away scatter cushions, throws and blankets for when the chills roll around again. To get a fresh spring look, consider removing your curtains particularly if they are heavy and strongly coloured. One may want to remove superfluous items that are for the rainy season or that which do not blend with the look you are seeking to achieve.

Once you have segregated the items you can focus on introducing and bringing back elements that do contribute to your summer décor. At this stage, you can indulge in a little creative approach and find a scheme that works for you as well as reflecting your personality. In this particularly, ‘less is more’ is the best approach.

If your sofa is dark coloured, you can cover it with neutral linen sheet. Throw in a couple of light coloured throws and cushions. Colours like light green and blues and similar hues have a freshening effect and can make a room seem lighter and airy. One thing to remember is that saturated colours are far more effective in this application than those in the deeper end of the spectrum.

Bright summer colours are so much fun in the summer, and while they can definitely be transitioned into the fall and winter, neutrals never go out of style. So purchase the large items in neutral colours, as this leaves you from worrying about transitioning large items throughout the seasons. Then accent your home with fun seasonal colours.

Incorporate season-less natural elements like shells and driftwood into your summer decor, and you'll only have to change your accents to keep them feeling fresh and relevant all year long

Nature never goes out of style. So, when you are thinking of summer home decor, consider your favourite aspects from the outside! Those pieces can easily be transformed in your home throughout the year.

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