Posted on March 15th, 2015

Pet Friendly Housing

A beautiful, stylish house AND a pet? Yes, very much possible! If you have pets, you need to realize that they are equally important residents of the house. Not always can you keep them outdoors. Let them mingle with you and we promise they will more than happy for it! A few tweaks, and your house will be pet-friendly. Let us see how -

Avoid wall to wall and expensive carpets:

Carpet will absorb dirt, dust and most importantly, pets’ hair. It is difficult to brush off trapped fur from a carpet and it’ll stay there for ages, which isn’t hygienic. If it cannot be avoided, better option is to use carpets that can be removed and washed if required.

Also, do not invest too much in the carpet, as a pet is likely to damage it in numerous ways. Replacing them occasionally is better than buying an expensive one and using it for long.

Minimal fragile items:

Fragile items are a no – no in an animal friendly house! One bat of a dog's tail will break your precious crystal into pieces! Use wooden or iron items instead, which will not break easily. If you have to use fragile items, place it at a height, hang on the wall or keep inside a locked cabinet with glass doors.

Match carpet/tile to fur color:

This will prove really helpful in the long run! With pets around, there is bound to be fur around and you don’t want to keep sweeping 10 times a day. Matching your tile or carpet to your pet’s fur colour will save you a few rounds of cleaning!

Pet entry:

It is important to consider that your pet is likely to be dirty while entering the house. It helps to have a separate entry for them from the backyard. You can also have an extra pet-door in the front with an intermediate mini room in between the living room and the pet-door, so you can brush and clean your pet before they enter.

Give your pet tidy, attractive treats and toys:

Give your dog something to chew on, or he will go after your shoes or the furniture legs. Attractive rubber toys are your best bet. You can have a small couch or a chair for your dog/cat to sit and scratch their nails on so that they don’t spoil the rest of the furniture.

Use semi-gloss wall paint:

A matte, flat-finish paint will show flaws easily and with a pet around, it is likely that your walls will get smudges and a little dirty at times. Use a paint that is easy to wipe off and doesn’t show the marks very easily. It also helps to select the colour of the paint, keeping this in mind.

Use suitable fabrics:

The fabric that goes on your furniture cushions and mattresses also needs to be selected wisely. Silk, chintz or the pet-fur magnet – velvet are not even your options! Use fabrics like leather, crypton and canvas that will have fur slide over easily, once brushed. Fabric that traps fur will need you to do tedious cleaning at regular intervals.

A pet is a blessing and we should do all it takes to make life comfortable for them. At the same time, it is also true that many of us are tied up for time. Designing a pet friendly home is the best way to reduce the amount of efforts needed to maintain it. With a few guidelines, it is very easy to make your home comfortable and suitable for the best members of your family!