Posted on May 9, 2014

Beautify your home with wallpapers

A refreshing way to infuse seasons into your rooms is by giving a facelift to the walls. Sometimes mere paint is not dramatic enough to add that special flair to your room. To make a design statement, you might then want to turn to an often over looked little thing called Wallpaper. From whimsical to artistic and contemporary, wallpapers today are gaining utmost popularity in the design world. Wallpaper, these days is at the forefront of the freshest and trendiest interior design fashions and can be used to great effect when decorating your home.

From trendy geometrics like chevron to handmade varieties that resemble fine art and everything in between, wallpaper is experiencing a bona fide renaissance in the design world. Wallpaper was the fashionable choice in the nineteenth century for any well-decorated home. But with the advent of modernism and the ‘less is more’ concept, wallpaper fell out of favour by the late twentieth century. But after several decades of minimal decorating, many people again hunger for a more decorative approach.

Themes: A perfect theme is even harder to choose than paint. A theme should be chosen such that it blends well with the rest of the décor. For example: Landscapes and nature exhibit awe-inspiring mix of subtle hues for people who prefer softer look. Floral patterns, vines and peonies has its roots in the arts and crafts era of the nineteenth century. The delicate blossoms and branches provide an elegant backdrop for any sophisticated home.

Texture: Comfort and texture enhance the wall covering to its pinnacle. Tactile touches like suede, rugs and silky curtains all blend in to provide a sensory experience. One can even embellish the walls and add chunky accessories to go with it. The use of new and unusual materials to create textural surfaces gives the wallpapers an edgy feel.

Oriental Fusion: The oriental feel is highly inspired by the magnificent designs and motifs. This genre of design features a number of various motifs, ranging from birds, butterflies, foliage, flowers and figures, and tends to look best in uncluttered spaces. Whether you have chosen Oriental-inspired wallpaper in bold colours, or you have opted to go for muted tones for a gentler demeanour, be sure to replicate at least one colour of the wallpaper in the room décor to create a sense of harmony.

Contemporary Classics: Wallpapers that are inspired by historic archived designs are very much in vogue. Although these designs are traditional, they are far from being old-fashioned. Instead, they have been given a contemporary twist by using modern hues and finishes. The use of a combination of metallics and archived designs has become a very fashionable wallpaper trend, and aside from the traditional metallics, we are also seeing more pearled and iridescent inks, and designs printed with high gloss sheen.

Wallpaper has the largest selection to allow you to show your personality in any form, be it traditional, transitional, contemporary, or just plain 'off the wall'. Wallpaper can revitalize a room and give it a completely new look. Wallpaper can give more depth and texture and that extra sophistication you may be looking for. Patterns can range from very large graphics to the more subtle monochromatic design but there is always something for everyone's taste.

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