Posted on May 23, 2014

Smart Couch

Snuggling up with the family, surfing the net, chilling with a takeaway or indulging in an afternoon with your favourite DVD box set… modern living means a sofa has become much more than somewhere to rest your legs on an evening. Whether you are a busy social butterfly who only stays in on Sundays or a self-confessed homebody who loves to curl up with a book, the right sofa will make your down time even better. Although, buying a perfect sofa requires an element of research and some careful thinking too; making it important to make the right choice first time.

Function of the Sofa:

Keeping your lifestyle in mind, think about what the major functions and primary use of the sofa would be. Placing the sofa also helps in picking the right one; whether it is for the living room, family room or a playroom. Choose a sofa depending on the space available. Kids, pets or floor shaking bachelor parties can contribute into high efforts in maintaining of the sofa.

Size of the Sofa:

Measure up before you shop and work out how big a sofa you can accommodate. Two smaller sofas or one large one and a couple of armchairs may be more flexible. Laying out newspaper on the floor where your sofa would sit can help you to check the size of your sofa to see roughly how much room it will take up. From a practical point of view, don’t forget to think about the access into your home. Some retailers offer a home visit to check that the sofa will fit through doors, along corridors or up staircases. Some sofas ease the process by having detachable arms or coming in sections. Also think about an alternative space where you can place your sofa in case you think of changing the setting in future.

Filling of the Sofa:

The inside of your sofa is equally as important as the outer, particularly if you have got children and pets, as the sofa will be put through a lot of hard work. But that doesn’t mean you have to opt for rigid structures and hard lines. Simply remember these golden rules:

• Foam – Gives a firm, spring feel but can flatten over time.

• High Resilient Foam – Better at retaining shape and long lasting but slightly pricier.

• Fibre - A man-made synthetic filling usually wrapped in ‘ticking’. Offers medium to soft comfort, depending on the density of the filling. Cushions must be plumped daily to retain their shape.

Choosing the right fabric:

• Tightly woven fabrics will wear the best and fabrics with woven patterns will retain their appearance better than printed designs. But unless you're going for loose covers, choose something classic, such as a smart stripe, as patterned sofas can date quickly. Wool is springy and resilient, with a natural stain resistance, chenille is soft and hard-wearing, and velvet is warm and textural with a luxurious feel. Linen is cool and crisp and one of the most durable fibres for sofas, while cotton is great for taking colour and blends well with other fabrics.


• Leather is robust, cool in summer and warm in winter although not friendly for the conventional animal rights supporter. Technology means that all sorts of finishes can be achieved, from distressed and antiqued to smooth and soft. Most leathers will age in some way, but this can add to the character.

• Alcantara is a man-made microfibre with a luxurious feel that's similar to suede. It's incredibly strong, with a contemporary look, but because it's easy to maintain, it's an excellent option for busy households.

Style and Substance:

There's an important aesthetic consideration when purchasing a sofa: are you looking for a casual, intimate or formal setting? The following points are worth considering when making a decision:

• The colour that makes you happiest is a subjective choice, but at a basic level, pale colours are clean and give the illusion of space, while darker, bolder colours can be uplifting and inspirational.

• Most sofas these days combine traditional functionality with modern style that's characterised by clean lines and interesting shapes.

• Think about the décor of your lounge room and consider whether the look of the lounge will always match its surroundings, like coffee tables, chairs and the like.

When measured carefully and if kept the above points in mind, buying a sofa would be a fun experience and the one that suits your home or the apartment. Mulberry Woods created by Saran Developers has an ultra-spacious living room comprised of 16’0” X 12’10” area. This provides ample space to fit in any sofa of your choice and can accommodate any setting that you may wish to modify to in the future. If a healthy and spacious atmosphere combined with luxurious living is your priority, you may consider looking into Mulberry Woods by Saran Developers.