Posted on November 29, 2013

Kids' Home

Rested, restored, reconnected with our families, we approach the autumn with fresh resolutions. We want to keep the spirit of summer alive, maintain the children at the centre of our lives and encourage their education. From the time the baby is arriving to the world he must have his own space. The children’s bedroom decorations are very important. This space is where the child sleeps, the place where he plays, but also the space where he studies as he grows, even if this study place is a small one. Do your kids get enough personal space?

A creative family home is shaped by the children as well as the grown-ups who live there. At its best it can be an experimental and all-inclusive project. And anyone with children knows it is also a work in progress. The unique spaces are spaces where children’s individuality is embraced. Allowing your children the freedom to express themselves is an act of trust that can produce astounding results as well as unique pieces of art. It is obvious that our own childhood happiness is a very strong pull when it comes to creating the perfect environment for our children. The kid’s room decors used help them develop their personality and express themselves. Letting the children run wild in their bedrooms with a marker pen is not everyone’s ideal scenario, but there are ways of channelling their creativity. Below are few tips:

  • Packed with colour and personality, children’s rooms can be fun and fashionable. Who says children’s rooms can’t be practical, playful, and chic?
  • The bunk beds in their room can be in the form of a puppet theatre to keep their imagination rolling.
  • Colour for example can play an enormous part in the initial attraction of an activity or atmosphere in a room. It can be used to describe the environment, delineate areas within the room, changes in surface levels of play equipment or as an activity in itself.
  • For people with visual impairment colour can provide an enormous amount of spatial information. By highlighting walls from floors and ceilings, architraves and doors from walls for example, you not only make the space more ‘readable’ for them, you can use the same system to soften really institutional spaces.
  • Smell is also an extremely influential sense in determining our impression of a space. This sense also provides our strongest memories. The smells in an environment contribute to atmosphere, welcome and comfort.
  • Vivid colours and graphic patterns can be combined to create a playful, yet tailored look in a child’s room.

A child’s room can be one of the most challenging rooms in the house to furnish. With a few easy tips and some creativity, anyone can decorate their kid’s room. Pick one item or colour that will be the main focus of the room and make your decorating plans around that. This could be a cartoon character that your kids really love, or you could choose bright spring colours and go from there.

Adding a variety of activities and physical spaces within your room, as well as a variety of sensory detail, adds richness to your environment. ‘Mulberry Woods’ by Saran Developers offers enough space to add these things in a way that they are able to change regularly. It ensures that your environment will have an enduring interest for your children across time. A child’s development is directly linked to its ability to interact with its environment, and the well panned architecture of ‘Mulberry Woods’, luxury condos in Bangalore allows just that. Children develop an understanding of themselves through their interactions with events and materials outside themselves. All environments have the ability to contribute or retard this process. The common theme of children’s spaces at each apartment in ‘Mulberry Woods’ is that they express the spirit of the children who live, work, play and sleep in them. Thus ideas for creating fun and functional spaces for children would encourage them to experiment and explore their worlds, and allow their imaginations to flourish.