Posted on October 9, 2013

Illuminate your home

Decorative lighting is a home’s architectural jewelry. Light forms a key element in the look and design of a room. Earlier, the process of lighting a room used to be simple. You bought a light bulb for a few rupees and screwed it into a socket. If a room needed more light, you brought in a couple of lamps and plugged them wherever there was an available electrical outlet and furniture to put them on. With improvements in technology and energy efficiency, home owners today have more lighting systems than ever before.

But, these days, with so much buzz about conserving energy and saving rupees with light choices, home owners need to shop wisely when they pick light bulbs. One can also make their houses brighter, fresher looking, larger, and more attractive to themselves and potential buyers with their choice of lamps, the right wattage or lumens, and the best possible fixtures.

Choosing the type of light for a room:

Every room should have multiple layers of lighting that come from three categories, since one usually isn’t sufficient. Every room should have:

  • Ambient or general lighting that illuminates the entire room.
  • Task lighting that casts illumination on a specific area to perform a chore — such as chopping vegetables, applying makeup or reading.
  • Accent lighting is light directed at an area and is used to create a feeling like romance at night in a dining room.
  • Decorative lighting – used to illuminate specific pieces of art or paintings providing decorative or architectural interest.

A home can be brightened in various ways. One can even achieve a different look every day. Thus giving an eclectic vision that resonates with natural style.


Whether dripping with crystals or shimmering with sleek chrome arms, Chandeliers in the room can make a statement. The eye is drawn to this light fixture when you enter a room because it is substantial in size and often showy in design.

Pendant Lights:

Pendants are smaller hanging light fixtures that draw attention in a room, in part because their decorative portion hangs down closer to eye level on a long pole or wire. They are made of wire and vinyl and come in many shapes and sizes. Hung individually, they are perfect for smaller spaces or areas that need direct lighting, and when hung in a group, pendants add beauty and style to a room.

Wall Sconces:

Like anything that embellishes a wall, light sconces these days offer plenty of decorative options. With a little flourish, swagger, bling and sophistication, they offer far more than task, accent or mood lighting. Sconces can add ambiance and an artistic note to the space. They illuminate the space with a mix of modern with rustic, elegant with casual, romantic with relaxed feel.

While lighting is an essential part of creating any interior, it’s also important to think about the quality of natural light your room receives when designing any interior scheme. In line with this thought, Saran Developers has strategically created ultra luxe residences, ‘Mulberry Woods’. Each apartment here not only has enough sunlight pouring in, but is also highly ventilated. Lighting forms a subtle design tool for a home. Mulberry Woods portrays good use of lighting in order to bring to life the most mundane design schemes giving a sense of space. A great lighting has been put together with a great interior and you’ve got the perfect partnership at these apartments. Mulberry Woods is a perfect example of how ‘Light transforms space’.