Posted on September 27, 2013

Epitome of luxury in the suburbs

India has achieved and become a favourite destination for real estate investors over the world today. The residential property market is highly active and it has been aided by apartments and residential enclaves coming up within and around the various metropolitan cities and other towns. In the past few years, the dynamics of Indian real estate has changed. Most metros and tier II cities in India are dotted with integrated townships today. These integrated townships help decongest core areas of the city and also encourage the ‘work and live’ concept. Steady incomes, customer friendly finance options, favourable reforms, and professionalism in real estate deals have resulted in an increased demand for apartments as well. In Bangalore, the real estate boom is a product of the IT revolution. High paying job opportunities have attracted young crowds into the city, resulting in an increased pressure on housing and commercial property.

Imagine a small community of homes clustered around central green with communal allotments in the corner to form an integrated community. There is a shared banqueting hall for entertainment and residents unwind together at a common recreational zone. This is not some medieval idyll circa 12th century, but here and now in Mulberry Woods, off Sarjapur Road, Bangalore.

The small group of 108 flats is part of a revolution in the way people in Bangalore are choosing to live their lives. Pressure on incomes and the rise of the single household particularly, as well as concern for the environment, is fuelling a huge increase in “housing” – groups of homes that pool resources to lower overall costs. Shared areas can include outdoor space, a club house, recreation area and a park. Since multi-storey apartments are the ‘in thing’ these days, the concept of apartment living has caught on. Who would not want a personal open-to-the-sky terrace of their own? It translates into extra space, party areas, a play area for children, ideal location for gardening and a lot more.

The development consists of 108 units, a mixture of flats and houses and a common house, all built complying by eco living standards. It's nice to be able to knock on neighbours’ doors if you need a hand with something. It’s not so very long ago that everyone baked their bread in the communal oven, and it’s nice to recapture that way of living. Being a single family, one can feel quite isolated, but here you know everyone and it’s comforting to know that if there was an emergency we could ask anyone for help and they would.

Mulberry Woods by Saran Developers is one such township built as an urban retreat finished with state-of-the-art amenities and recreational facilities set amidst serene landscapes to help residents unwind from their hectic lifestyles. Located off Sarjapur main road, Mulberry Woods offers exclusive 4BHK apartments, thus providing an excellent living solution for those rural menaces. It’s a medieval hamlet in a modern context.